Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NYMag's Transformations

First let me apologize if this is old news to any of you but I just can't keep up with New York Magazine! I love to read them cover-to-cover but don't always have time so I just got around to reading the Home Design issue from October 19 and was stunned by some of the projects. For those of you who have not seen these amazing transformations, enjoy!

I really can't pick a favorite, but this is pretty close. Architect Bill Peterson and developer Carol Swedlow turned this run-down mess in the East Village into an amazing and innovative home. I can't say I would ever think to put a functioning garage door in a living room, and on the second floor of a New York City brownstone.
This next project couldn't have been described better than to say "every inch of his apartment has been as custom-designed as a couture dress." The pictures really speak for themselves. Howard Slatkin is the interior designer who took on this project to combine 2 apartments and create a 6,000 square foot residence for himself on 5th Ave. I don't think I could dream up an apartment this decadent, let alone imagine it coming from the "before" that it did!
It's almost as if a John Galliano Dior dress was turned into an entire home.

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