Thursday, December 31, 2009

Playing Dress Up

As if finding out that they sell wine at Target here didn't make me want to move back immediately on Day 2 of exploring with Karen we went to my absolute favorite store of all time- Collier West.

Between the two of us we must have tried on every piece of jewelry they had out. The one-of-a-kind necklaces they had were unbelievable. Words (or pictures, really) cannot do them justice and what makes them even better is they were all by Ohio designers! There were 2 that were my favorite one was a collection of all different shaped and sized gold chains and then one big strand of silver glass beads that almost looked like pearls. The other one that I couldn't' get over was also a collection of all different size an shapes silver, gold, and copper chains but much smaller and then they were held together in the middle by a vintage French belt buckle that I think must have been from a Roger Vivier shoe - regardless, it was so beautiful. There is another one of her pieces (not the one that I tried) in the picture in the top right.
Karen tried one on that made her look like Coco Chanel - it was a higher chain all different sizes of pearls and vintage gold and silver chains. They were all SO amazing. I borrowed this picture from the store's blog so you can get an idea (and also look at some of their new merchandise.)

Lost and Found

Happy Early New Year! I'm still home in the great state of Ohio and have been having such a good holiday season and hope you all are too. Karen (my mom) and I have had 2 great days of 'exploring' and it's been so much fun to spend time with her. Two days ago we went up to Powell, Ohio which is a smaller town just north of Columbus. There was the most beautiful store called Found that I fell in love with. They had the most amazing linens by Matouk that I plan on tracking down once I'm back in Boston because it turns out their factory store in is Fall River! Which is where my mom grew up. I didn't have a camera with me but snapped a few pictures on my phone so you can see how beautiful this store is. The space was amazing and I loved literally every single thing they carried from cocktail rings to the most beautiful black and white photography of Italy. Enjoy! And definitely visit if you're in the Columbus area.

The photo of the horses on this bedside table is by the same photographer featured throughout the store.

This was their apothecary table with all different vintage perfume bottles, bar soaps, and natural sponges.

This is the upstairs of the store, it was like a 2 level home and look at how beautiful the floor boards are.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

I'm forecasting the next few days are going to be madness between traveling and shopping so just wanted to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas!!

*Kate Spade Christmas cute!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Channeling: Diane Keaton

From Annie Hall to Nina Banks to Erica Barry, I love Diane Keaton. Even when the movie isn't good, like Because I Said So her style impresses me. I think I'm so drawn to her because so many of her wardrobe choices remind me of my mom with all the white popped-collars and pearls (except when she got weird and wore tuxedos on the red carpet)...but regardless of the character she's playing she always looks so much like herself at the same time which is one of the things I admire the most.

How can you talk about menswear trends and not be reminded of Annie Hall? I absolutely love that movie and everything about Diane Keaton in it....

1977: Keaton and Allen in Annie Hall

2009: JCrew Catalog

Not to mention what I'm sure is a hardly noticed lined in the movie, Woody Allen: "You use black soap?" Diane Keaton: "It's for my complexion..." Referring to my favorite skincare line, Erno Laszlo, that my mom got my sister and myself hooked on - I think we're both loyal users of it mostly because it appears that my mom has Benjamin Button Syndrome (I mean that as a compliment)

A lot of people I talked to didn't like The Family Stone but I absolutely loved it - not just the story but the people in it, the clothes, and that house! From what I've read the film was shot in multiple locations on the East Coast but that amazing house is in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the film is set in a fictional town called Thayer, Massachusetts. Plus - how can you not like a movie with Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams, Luke Wilson, and Diane Keaton?

If this house looks so appealing in the winter, can you imagine that wrap-around porch in the summer?
I love the kitchen table, and how it doubles as a desk with the computer on it. One of the best things about this house is how lived-in it many houses in movies have that museum quality (like in Somethings Gotta Give, which I will obviously get to.)

And then there are Diane Keaton's quirky but classic outfits...

Now, once I started putting together everything I wanted to say about Somethings Gotta Give I got carried away. Also, let me say I know none of these movies are new whatsoever this Sunday while I was stuck inside due to a blizzard I watched The Family Stone and Somethings Gotta Give so Diane Keaton was top of mind. So we'll save discussing that beautiful house in The Hamptons and Amanda Peet's adorable outfits for a later day...

Friday, December 18, 2009

"Hand Printed fine Found Objects"

When I saw Shara Porter's work at the SOWA market over the summer I fell in love with it, and like I always do forgot to follow up and investigate it more. So when I saw her again last weekend at the SOWA Holiday Market I was so excited. I was even more interested when I asked her where she gets most of her 'found items' and she said that a lot come from the great state of Ohio! What music to my ears!

Shara uses vintage leather bags, clutches, wallets, coinpurses, etc and then prints them with unique designs - anything from ships, to animals, to trees. She also has new merchandise like wallets and coasters available and was nice enough to email over some images of her new cardholders made from recycled leather that will be available to buy off ehr website very soon.
Here are some of my favorite images from her site of selected works she has done...they make great gifts and are sure to start conversation.
I can't get over that clutch with the owl on it.

There is a list of retailers that carry Shara's work on her website...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beautiful Boots

I honestly don't know why I do this to myself. So I wandered into Barney's last night just to browse - never a good idea. And then it happened, I fell head-over-beautiful-heels in love. latest obsession...

Givenchy Buckle Ankle boots, on sale (not that that even matters.) I swear they make you look 10 pounds thinner, your hair looks fuller, your teeth look whiter, ok I'll stop...just thought I'd share in case any of you had finished your Christmas shopping and were looking to treat yourselves, or looking to treat me for that matter!

And yes, I was that girl taking pictures o f myself at Barney's...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yes, I'm still alive! Life (as expected) has gotten pretty crazy towards the end of the year so I apologize for my absence. In the spirit of the holidays, and the increased alcohol consumption that seems to go with it I thought I'd share with you some of the drinking vessels that have caught my attnetion recently. I think the inspiration from this stems from 2 different places: 1. my sister's obsession with cups and glasses has spread its way into my life and 2. although I generally am 100% in favor of breaking rules in terms of design and fashion, for some reason I am a stickler for using the right drinkware for the appropriate drink (with the exception of juice glasses for wine, I just love that). That being are some fun containers for your cocktails!

What's better than a beautiful delicate champagne flute? One that is dishwasher safe! These are available on a couple different sites, (NappaStyle is one) my mom has some like them and they are so pretty - and nice to have something a little different than the classic shape.

Ever since I saw these on Gossip Girl last year, and then again on the Thanksgiving episode this year I've been dying to have them....
...I believe the original design was by Olya, available at Lekker Home but I actually prefer the shape (and price point!) of the same style from Crate and Barrel...
For short drinks I really like a classic low ball glass, reminiscent of all the glasses they use for all the Scotch they drink in Mad Men. Ralph Lauren makes a number of great collections of glassware that always include a nice low ball. Below are the Bentley, Glen Plaid, and Aston patterns...I mean, even the names are great!

Another collection I really love is Match's pewter collection which I saw at Collier West in Columbus. Here is an example of their whole beverage service, and I love all of it but especially their lowball glass.

Lastly, for a tall drink I've found it's an easy shape to find a ton of different vintage patterns in. Etsy is a great resource and you can usually find a great price.
Both of these are under $30!

When it comes to beer - my thoughts are why bother pouring it into something?