Thursday, November 5, 2009

Premature Planning

I hate how Christmas decorations go up right after Halloween and I hate even more that I'm joining the masses in looking right over Thanksgiving because it is my favorite holiday but when I saw this this morning I couldn't help myself but think about what's just around the corner...

...which then obviously turned into me thinking about all the things I'd like to have for a the holidays, so here is a little preview...
I guess these could be a little Christmas-sweater-ish but I think they're adorable...leave it to Kate Spade! (available at Nordstrom)

Remember that sequin Gucci blazer I wanted? This isn't it.

...but it's probably the closest I'm going to get, and it's really cute on. I think I'm going to rationalize it by having 2 things to wear it to. 1. My friend's wedding in Miami (more to come on that, because she has amazing taste and I can't wait to show you everything she's done) and 2. New Years, because what other holiday is there that something sparkly is required? (available at Bloomingdales)

I've been trying to stay away from Club Monaco lately because it's a dangerous place for a girl who really only wears black and white but when I saw one of their clutches in the most recent Improper Bostonian I had to go the website and look more closely - voila there were 6 of them! Perfect to dress up any little black dress...
...and how pretty would these Jonathan Adler dinner plates look on any table for Christmas dinner? I like the 'white on white' best - a little less dramatic, and also still good for everyday use.

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  1. I'm staring at my Christmas themed Starbucks cup as I type this and I agree, where did thanksgiving go? But since were on the subject...I love your picks. The little earrings are adorable. And I'm with you on that blazer! The dishes too!