Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lizzie Love

Look at these beautiful necklaces for Spring that I got in a Charm & Chain email yesterday! I die.

New Dawn Fades necklace

Frivolous Tonight necklace

Eclectic and Reckless necklace

Palace in Pondicherry necklace

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chanel Ink

Generally speaking I live my life with the belief that Chanel can do no wrong - speaking of which the new consignment store in the South End, Boomerangs, has a Chanel suit in the window if anyone who hasn't give up shopping for lent is interested!

Anyway, after this spring's fashion show and their recent announcement to actually make them available I can't say I'm totally sold on their new temporary tattoos. First of all, if I'm going to buy anything Chanel I don't want it to be temporary!

Even so, I just overall don't think it's really my cup of tea, what do you think?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Haberdash Vintage

I've actually been meaning to post about this since the summer when I saw the adorable trailer at SOWA but I didn't have my camera that day and then couldn't remember what it was called. I almost wanted to be a total creep and put it in Missed Connections in the Improper Bostonian or something! But low-and-behold they Haberdash Vintage was featured in the February issue of Boston Magazine...
The more and more I read, the more and more I love! Punky's blog, PunkyStyle is amazing, and you can even get a peak at her impeccably picked inventory on her site. Almost better than her taste, are the prices! The awesome line-up of boots they showed in Boston Magazine were $20-$60 which is perfect - the bargain is half the fun of vintage anyway.
Her blog says that The Haberdash is hibernating for the winter so I guess I'll have to hang on tight until summer comes around and the market opens again. In the meantime I'll just have to continue to peruse her website - check it out, I loved her most recent post about capes!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kat in the Kitchen

Cooking, among other things, is a talent my sister definitely possesses that I do not! Since getting married in September she's been a very good wifey and made a lot of delicious food for her husband, Peter. So Katherine has decided to share her successes and experiments in the kitchen, I proudly present..... I'll Cook If You'll Clean Up.

Kat and Peter are both total foodies. Pretty much anytime they go on a trip a large percentage of their pictures are of meals, snacks, markets, and other food-inspired scenery. Jut take a look at some of the pictures of their honeymoon to Paris and the South of France....

So check out some of the stuff she's made for her lucky husband, and use some of her recipes...take my word for it they are all delicious. This will no doubt be a great resource for anyone who likes to spend time and try new things in the kitchen, especially because you certainly won't get any of that here.

Bon Apetit!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Close, but no cigar...

I only recently noticed how much I use cigar boxes for everything throughout my apartment. They are the perfect size for storing notes, pictures, stationery, etc. and can be really interesting with all the different brands and labels. Lucky me has a cigar-smoking father so I can get all his left overs and put them to use!

I love putting them on bookshelves especially, stacked like they're books...this one looks great because it's bigger and has nice clasp

I use this one instead of a jewelry box, it has all little separate boxes in it with earrings so they don't' get all tangled up and lost in a bowl or tray

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brooklyn's Heights

Did anyone see Brooklyn Decker on the Today Show this morning? Rude. Every time I think I can't be more jealous of her - she proves me wrong! First, she stole Andy Roddick. Then, she was not only in Elle but styled by Olivia Palermo (who yes, I hate, but still has undeniably great style) and on The City, and now the cover of the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue - not that I would have any interest in doing that, but I mean I wouldn't mind being asked. Anyway, her Elle shoot was amazing - here are some of the photos if you missed it. Not surprising that I'm so into this look - remember how much I love Annie Hall?

It was tough to find good pictures of their wedding because they kept it pretty private, which I like - ahem, Heidi and Spencer. It all took place April 17th in Austin, TX and Decker wore a gorgeous Vera Wang gown.

photos via TMZ

I heard they bought a condo in Brooklyn (obviously) and I'd love to see that because I'm sure it's amazing as well - how could it not be? So for now I'll just wait for her to wow me with her design skills as well, because I'm sure that's next!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Light up my Life, please

AH! What a craze the last week or so has been, I've been super busy and unable to do what I do best...browse, shop, read, etc. But alas, I had to share this beautiful lamp I'm obsessing over from Modern Dose. Blue and white porcelain PLUS lucite? How can I resist this??