Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old Timers

Lately I've been really into vintage electronics; phones, clocks, radios, turntables, TVs, toasters. What's better than something chic and functional? Once I got my lovely lucite vanity, which doubles as my nightstand, I didn't want to put my function-over-form Sony alarm clock on it so I've been on the hunt for something worthy of my lovely bedside table. I really like vintage Westclox and they aren't too hard to find for pretty good prices. Alarm Clocks Online has a huge variety of new and used and there are also some great finds on Etsy.

Top 2 are from Etsy, bottom is from Alarm Clocks Online - one thing to make note of is make sure that the clocks on Etsy say they are working, because some are just for decoration.

This search is what started my interest, which then turned to telephones. Which I love in bright colors and maybe even a vintage telephone sign from Three Potato Four? For whatever reason I absolutely love having a landline, it reminds me scenes from Bye Bye Birdie or something...not that I ever lay on my bed, wearing a sweater-set, with an updo, kicking my feet in the air while talking to some dreamy boy on the phone but I like to think I would if I had a house phone. Especially one as cute as these.

Top image is from Three Potato Four, and turquoise phone is from Etsy.

This was one of those Etsy searches that turned into 10 other things and went on for at least a half hour...but I thought these signs and prints from Etsy would look great hanging over this little telephone table too!

This is a vintage black and white print of a Rotary Club Telethon, and it's only $9!

This telephone table is also from Etsy, and would look so good with a turquoise phone and that black and white print framed and hanging above it.

Lastly, I've decided I want to buy a turntable. No, not to be a DJ. I'd love to get this one from Urban Outfitters that can work with your USB to be hooked up to a computer and then steal a bunch of my parents old records and put them on a shelf showcased in CB2's lucite storage boxes.


  1. Elizabeth -
    Tiny Canary is in CMH this weekend - many Etsy artists will be there. If you have even the slightest inclination to visit your fam this weekend, come! You could experience this great little show (And, no, you mother didn't pay me to say this!)

  2. LOVING those vintage alarm clocks... I've been on the search for one for a bit now...