Monday, October 19, 2009


And now to the second most important lady of the day, the lovely Mother of the Bride...

Talk about some shoes to fill....and quite beautiful ones at that! Here she is, my stunning mother. (Photo courtesy of Jim Sanders, who did the whole wedding, amazing) This picture was taken before we headed over the church in our living room at home. I must say that taking the advice of my mother's friend and the florist of the wedding, Bart from The Daisy Basket, to only have the 4 of us stay in the house was probably my favorite part of the weekend. He said, "If you didn't grow up here, you don't stay here" and it really did make all of our time together so special.

My mom's whole goal in designing the tent was to make it feel like our house, and she did just that. She has always had an affinity for blue and white porcelain so with a combination of her collection and some help from The Daisy Basket she was able to use her pieces throughout the tables in the tent.

You can also see the cards on the tables. Each table was named after a neighborhood in either New York or Chicago - Katherine and Peter were living in New York and just moved to Chicago this past weekend. Also, we used sheets of wrapping paper that had a map of Manhattan as them for the back drop of the place card (that idea came from yours truly!)

Our table was 'Central Park' naturally, and had a great view of the whole tent. You can see the alternating sized lanterns that hung through the middle of the tent here.

I must say, as if all her great taste and talent weren't enough I think the most impressive thing is that it was all done. There was no panic, no frenzy no last-minute anything...from the moment I got off the plane from Boston everything was done! Now, I may have a good eye but she's got the organization to pull it off and without even breaking a sweat. And I think she had a pretty good time cheers to you mom, love you!

*I just want to say again what an amazing job (as you can see)the photographer, Jim Sanders, did on everything!


  1. I just actually starting tearing. Your mom did such a fabulous job!! I absolutely love the tent and all the small personal touches!

    PS. Its is weird if I frame that picture of your parents?

  2. I LOVE blue and white...your mom did a great job! xx