Friday, October 9, 2009

Here Comes the Bride...

Here they are! Some of the wedding pictures finally! I can't wait until we get the proofs from the photographer, Jim Sanders, because he was really great and I love what I've seen of his work so far. Let's start with the bride! Yes, it poured but you'll see it made everything look so beautiful and green.
Katherine's dress was from Pronovias in New York and it couldn't have been more perfect! She looked so beautiful and it fit her so well. The flowers were inspired by a bouquet in New York Magazine in one of their wedding issues from right when she got engaged.
Katherine, my mom, and I all got our hair done by Sookey at Salon Lofts in Grandview, OH. She did such an amazing job - especially on Katherine's. She found this hair-piece at Bergdorf's and it worked so well with the dress and was a great alternative to a veil.
The three of us also had matching shoes! Katherine's were gold and looked so pretty with the vintage looking lace of the dress.
We also all got our make up done which was such a great decision. Megan from Mukha did it for us and she did an amazing job. Two things I was admittedly skeptical about but turned out to be so great were the airbrushing and the false eyelashes. She just used a few of the tiny single false lashes on the corner of our eyes and it looked so pretty. Also, the airbrushing was so nice because there was no need for any kind of touch-ups or anything throughout the night - even in the icky weather!


  1. Actually tearing, Katherine looks so gorgeous!!!

    I'd like a close up of the shoes please! haha and the Maid of Honor.

  2. Airbrush makeup is fantastic for special occasions, it feels like NOTHING!