Friday, October 2, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Sorry, I'm going a little out of order because these are the pictures I have available as of yet. The rehearsal dinner was held at Sherrie Gallerie in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus. It's next to one of my family's favorite restaurants - Rigsby's - who also did the food (which was amazing, as usual.) Of course before the Rehearsal Dinner comes the Rehearsal which was actually the first time I got to see the church that the ceremony was being held in. It was in Holy Cross Catholic Church downtown, which is the oldest Church in Columbus and it was so beautiful. Here's a picture of the happy couple rehearsing their ceremony with the priest who officiated it....isn't the church gorgeous??

All weekend all the East Coasters were shocked at how great Ohio was, c'mon! The Short North is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Columbus, a lot like the South End in Boston. Great food, people, shopping, culture, and just minutes away from the University there is definitely always a lot going on there. One of the attractions all the wedding guests were very impressed with was the North Market, filled with amazing food, produce, and wine it's sort of like an ongoing farmer's market that's open everyday.

Anyway, once we'd finished up at Holy Cross we headed over to the Short North for's a picture of Rigsby's from the outside. It's such a beautiful restaurant, with a great bar. They also own a little lunch place behind called Tasi, which is full of delicious sandwiches, salads, pastas, etc.
Image via Rigsby's website

The dinner went very well and was filled with kind words from Peter's family. I was trying to be very good and not over-indulge but it was just too delicious. All of the food was wonderful and it was so nice to be able to sit next to my sister all night.....


  1. Ahh the rehearsal dinner! Can't wait to see the wedding pics! Love Katherine's Anthro Dress!!!

    PS - Great blow out Elizabeth!

  2. My BFF wore that same dress for her rehearsal this summer!