Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Matisse, please!

I've been obsessing over this print for years now and its one of those things that is always there so you never buy it, do you ever have that? For example it took me 5 years to finally buy a plain Longchamp bag, because I knew it would always be available. I have no problem impulsively buying things on sale, or one-of-a-kinds, or even just a rash purchase of an outfit for a night but the things that I actually really want for long periods of time just never seem to make it into my possession! (this dilemma was part of the motivation behind actually making a Fall shopping list this year) So anyway, without further adieu....
I know its not much but that's why I love it, its simple and classic and would go with everything. I had kind of forgotten about it until last night I found a past issue of Elle Decor (the one with the beautiful pictures of Aerin Lauder's home) and the artwork on the cover reminded me of it. Look how great the black and white silhouette artwork looks in this room! I love how crisp and clean it looks.

So that's what I'm thinking of today, now I'll have to decide on an accent color because I'd love for it to be the center of a mostly black-and-white room but then add a turquoise, or green...

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  1. Sometimes it is the most simple of art pieces that makes the biggest statement.