Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today at work I had to take my earring out to talk on the phone and got made fun of for being an old lady! It made me remember when I was little and my mom would take off her big "doorknocker" of a clip-on earring to talk on the phone and I thought it was like the epitome of being a grown up....(just to keep you up on my train of thought)...then I continued to think of all the huge earrings my mom used to have that were hot-glue-gunned pieces of fun. I remember one pair that had an old watch gear in it somewhere, and then it dawned on me...they're back! And now I find myself thinking of all the great attention-getting earrings I've been noticing and coveting as of late - especially after my sister gave me these awesome Indian-inspired green earrings last time I saw her (they were form ABC Home, so unfortunately I can't find a good picture of them but I'll take one next time I wear them!) . Anyway, here' s a little preview of a few I love right now...

Mystery of the Mojave earrings by Lizzie Fortunato (obviously!)

Jeweled garland earrings from JCrew

Vintage Chanel earrings from eBay
** for those of you in Boston, there is an amazing little vintage jewelry store with tons of stuff like these great Chanel earrigns on Charles St. in Beacon Hill, its called Twentieth Century Ltd**

Clip-on fan earrings from Badgley Mischka (available from Charm and Chain)

Large gold crystal ivy earrings from Alexis Bittar


  1. These are all great pieces! I just saw the ones from Alexis Bittar the other day and think they are perfect to dress up an outfit!

  2. Love the Lizzie Fortunato pair! Is that your alias? I think she is you.

    My ears have been doorknockerless for so long, I think I need a pair!

  3. These are all just fabulous! I got a pair of peacock blue and gold doorknockers from the line Subversive did for Target last year and have loved feeling all "Working Girl" every time I wear them!