Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Birds and the Bees

I was discussing with my friend, Sohee, the other day how there are things we dislike in real life, but LOVE on clothes, jewelry, furniture, art, etc. Some perfect examples are; birds, bees, and horses. I won't bore you with why I dislike them in too much detail but birds have always creeped me out, obviously no one likes bees, and I have not liked horses since my mom made me take horse back riding at Camp Sequoya. However...put any of these things in a patter, on an earring, or in a frame? Love! I mean, what would Hermes be without horses?? Here are a few lovely examples of these not-so-lovely beings...

Extra wide enamel bracelet from Hermes

I bought this belt a couple years ago at JCrew and have worn it way more than I ever thought I would! It looks so cute with jeans and a tucked in button-up or even just a t-shirt.
I love this bird trivet from Terrain - I had to add it because I just saw it on DesignSponge today!

I saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag last weekend in NY and fell in love, it's so cute and fun...perfect weekend bag (only complaint, is there isn't a shorter-strap option)
These are all from Jonathan Adler's Acapulco line of patterned pillows and serveware - so cute!

I can't decide if these bee earrings from Antrhopologie are a little too preppy for me but I think they're adorable
Just adding the little bee to this basic glassware from Ballard Designs makes them so much cuter, and perfect for everyday


  1. Love that elephants didn't make the list! Because who doesn't love elephants in real life and in clothes and jewels?! I weirdly loveee birds on clothes/jewels/patterns too! Those pillows!!! I want them for my future apt. But I couldn't tell you the difference between any 2 birds except pigeon and non-pigeon. And who ever likes pigeons?

    PS I almost purchased an orange frame of a picture of birds at Brooklyn flea for $150 yesterday. 1 - Because it was orange 2 - Because it was of a bird 3- Who am i?

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