Thursday, December 31, 2009

Playing Dress Up

As if finding out that they sell wine at Target here didn't make me want to move back immediately on Day 2 of exploring with Karen we went to my absolute favorite store of all time- Collier West.

Between the two of us we must have tried on every piece of jewelry they had out. The one-of-a-kind necklaces they had were unbelievable. Words (or pictures, really) cannot do them justice and what makes them even better is they were all by Ohio designers! There were 2 that were my favorite one was a collection of all different shaped and sized gold chains and then one big strand of silver glass beads that almost looked like pearls. The other one that I couldn't' get over was also a collection of all different size an shapes silver, gold, and copper chains but much smaller and then they were held together in the middle by a vintage French belt buckle that I think must have been from a Roger Vivier shoe - regardless, it was so beautiful. There is another one of her pieces (not the one that I tried) in the picture in the top right.
Karen tried one on that made her look like Coco Chanel - it was a higher chain all different sizes of pearls and vintage gold and silver chains. They were all SO amazing. I borrowed this picture from the store's blog so you can get an idea (and also look at some of their new merchandise.)


  1. I had to go check out the store. It looks like I would get into a lot of trouble there! Gorgeous store. I agree on the wine at Target..I'm sure you know that it's impossible to get a bottle of wine in Boston!

  2. Talk about your fabulous statement pieces. Those necklaces are just gorgeous!

  3. Thank you so much for continuing to patronize Collier West. I enjoy reading your posts, so keep it up. Maintaining mine has been a new year's resolution from 09 that I intend to continue. Look for more dramatic jewelry, as I have incorporated my own personal business: Pont Neuf by Suzi West. You may have seen it in store when you were there! Hsppy New Year. And keep us apprised of what is happening at Louis' and such.