Saturday, January 2, 2010

Deck the Halls

Remember when you were little and you always got the BEST idea for your Halloween costume on November 1? Then you'd swear that's what you'd be next year but you'd always forget....that's how I felt when I saw the Christmas decorations at our house this year! So I thought I'd put them up not only to share with all of you but also so I can remember where I saved the pictures and then use them next year as inspiration. She worked with Kevin Reiner of Kevin Reiner Design in Columbus who helped her with re-doing the garden before my sister's wedding as well and the house looked so beautiful. Here are a couple pictures of what they did around the house using all plants, flowers, and vintage ornaments.
The pictures above and below use vintage ornaments that are a mixture - some my mom found at a consignment store and others she borrowed from Kevin. You can find very inexpensive ones on eBay or in any antique or consignment store. Then just use regular ornament hooks to make any light fixture look festive or just put them in bowls and vases around your house.

I think this one is my favorite, above they hung really small bud vases with satin ribbon and put red amaryllis in them. Also, once the red flowers had died my mom replaced them with white which was also really pretty and could easily be done any time of year without looking too holiday-ish.
Using matching ribbon to the hanging amaryllis there were small green bunches hanging from the sconces in the dining room too.

One thing this season I really fell in love with was using dried Magnolia leaves, which I also saw at Hudson. They had a whole garland and wreath there which I'm sure was very labor intensive but for an easier and quicker decoration just put them in a vase or bowl like above and they last a really long time too. Also, don't necessarily just have to be for holiday decorations.

Well, I obviously can't take credit for ANY of these ideas or designs but thought I could at least pass it along! Some good ideas to use next year...

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  1. So pretty! I'm dying to get my hands on some Magnolia leaves.

    Totally jealous you have Hudson so close to you. I need to latch on to Danay on her next trip to visit you!