Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yes, I'm still alive! Life (as expected) has gotten pretty crazy towards the end of the year so I apologize for my absence. In the spirit of the holidays, and the increased alcohol consumption that seems to go with it I thought I'd share with you some of the drinking vessels that have caught my attnetion recently. I think the inspiration from this stems from 2 different places: 1. my sister's obsession with cups and glasses has spread its way into my life and 2. although I generally am 100% in favor of breaking rules in terms of design and fashion, for some reason I am a stickler for using the right drinkware for the appropriate drink (with the exception of juice glasses for wine, I just love that). That being are some fun containers for your cocktails!

What's better than a beautiful delicate champagne flute? One that is dishwasher safe! These are available on a couple different sites, (NappaStyle is one) my mom has some like them and they are so pretty - and nice to have something a little different than the classic shape.

Ever since I saw these on Gossip Girl last year, and then again on the Thanksgiving episode this year I've been dying to have them....
...I believe the original design was by Olya, available at Lekker Home but I actually prefer the shape (and price point!) of the same style from Crate and Barrel...
For short drinks I really like a classic low ball glass, reminiscent of all the glasses they use for all the Scotch they drink in Mad Men. Ralph Lauren makes a number of great collections of glassware that always include a nice low ball. Below are the Bentley, Glen Plaid, and Aston patterns...I mean, even the names are great!

Another collection I really love is Match's pewter collection which I saw at Collier West in Columbus. Here is an example of their whole beverage service, and I love all of it but especially their lowball glass.

Lastly, for a tall drink I've found it's an easy shape to find a ton of different vintage patterns in. Etsy is a great resource and you can usually find a great price.
Both of these are under $30!

When it comes to beer - my thoughts are why bother pouring it into something?

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