Friday, December 18, 2009

"Hand Printed fine Found Objects"

When I saw Shara Porter's work at the SOWA market over the summer I fell in love with it, and like I always do forgot to follow up and investigate it more. So when I saw her again last weekend at the SOWA Holiday Market I was so excited. I was even more interested when I asked her where she gets most of her 'found items' and she said that a lot come from the great state of Ohio! What music to my ears!

Shara uses vintage leather bags, clutches, wallets, coinpurses, etc and then prints them with unique designs - anything from ships, to animals, to trees. She also has new merchandise like wallets and coasters available and was nice enough to email over some images of her new cardholders made from recycled leather that will be available to buy off ehr website very soon.
Here are some of my favorite images from her site of selected works she has done...they make great gifts and are sure to start conversation.
I can't get over that clutch with the owl on it.

There is a list of retailers that carry Shara's work on her website...


  1. This girl has an amazing talent and eye for beautiful finds. Thanks for sharing her work.

    PS Thanks for visiting my I'm following you.

  2. I'm quite enamored with the umbrella. So precious!