Tuesday, March 30, 2010

West, Collier West

(I was picturing that in a "Bond, James Bond" kind of voice) Suzi West, of Collier West - my favorite store in Columbus - was featured on Apartment Therapy for her amazingly cozy loft in Columbus. And while my desk still looks as atrocious as it did (see below) I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this! It's listed under Apartment Therapy's Chicago tab - See how chic the midwest can be??
I absolutely love this light fixture - aka 'branchelier' and it is actually on display in Hudson's front window right now (the Boston location.)
With less than 600 square feet you can see what a good job Suzi did of using space wisely because it looks much larger than that. I love the overlapping oriental rugs sprawling from the living into the bedroom.

Aparment Therapy notes that one way Suzi opens up the small space is by not using curtains to minimize the windows, but you can see she uses large mirrors too to make the space feel bigger.I think one of the smartest design tips in the article is "evaluate your life, how you spend your time and then build around that" which Suzi refers to when she explains why she didn't redo the kitchen - because she rarely eats in.

This is my favorite. I honestly can't decide what I like the best...the sign, the headboard, the bedding, the chandeliers, the chest. It's all amazing!

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  1. Hi from the MidWest Elizabeth! Thanks for the love, right back at you.

    Behind the doors of my antique four door cabinet are stuffed, tattered moleskins! I also have a variety of diaries and journals from when I began Collier West. (Treasure troves of early research and ideas.)

    This is kind of a cute, maybe sad, but true story:
    The year my fifteen year relationship ended, I was scheduled for Paris on what would have been our 9th wedding anniversary. On that overnight flight, I began writing my autobiography from years of journals, into the digital future of a laptop. When I arrived in Paris the next day, I deposited those painful memories and tear-stained journals into a wastebasket on the Seine. The location was the bridge Pont Neuf...and that's why I chose that as the name for my jewelry line. It was a place that symbolized "crossing over" into a new place.

    So much power can be contained in those lovely black notebooks. And if you ask to see it the next time you are in town, I will show my drawings of "bossy hotdogs!"

    Be well oh great blog writer!