Friday, March 19, 2010

Paper Party

I'm a firm believer in the written word - I love thank you notes, I don't want newspapers to die, and admittedly I have some pretty juicy diaries from about Grades 6-11. So I thought I'd share with you some of my new favorite paper products as I feel like there has been an abundance of them recently.

Moleskine notebooks are a staple in my life and their most recent line is genius! Moleskine 'Passion Books' are journals catered specifically to wine, music, film, books, recipes, and wellness.

They have the same classic setup, shape, size, etc of the regular Moleskine notebooks but are organized based on topic and also each one has embossed covers specific to their topic.

I'm definitely going to get some I just haven't decided which ones yet - how do you decide between wine, movies, food, and books? (I mean, I've already eliminated 'Wellness'...)

The other new paper-products I'm oohing and aahing over are Jonathan Adler's new stationery line. I'm a sucker for a new set of note cards but our dear friend Jonathan has taken it to a whole other level with file folders, gift wrap, paper lanterns, and much more.

I love that all the envelope/card sets aren't match-matchy and that he makes good use of all of his great patterns and colors.

If you're anything like me these folders will legitimately make it easier to stay organized. I don't mind doing taxes, sorting bills, or cleaning up my desk when everything is getting put into these! (This might be a slight exaggeration)

Last, but not least, I love using note cards like this because you don't always have enough to say for a whole gift card - if you're giving a good gift I think "Love, Elizabeth" should suffice!

Well I could go on for hours about 1. Stationery in general, 2. Moleskines, and 3. Jonathan Adler so I'll spare you and let you look around for yourselves....have a great weekend!


  1. These are my favorites:

    But, I do like that wine journal...

  2. totally agree! Just found you via High heeled foot in the door.