Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Bed Edition

My adoring sister Katherine pointed out to me my lack of content recently and offered up her recent bedroom transformation for me to share with you, so here goes...

Our bed was in a sad, sad state. We had sheets that Peter bought a few years ago from Bed Bath and Beyond. Nothing wrong with them, but they were tan and drab and boring. I used to have really pretty blue and white toile Yves Delorme sheets, but when we joined forces we kept his
bed because it's a queen and my sheets didn't fit. Anyway, one of our cats, Henri, is fascinated with the process of making the bed. When I fluff up the comforter his pupils dilate and he jumps underneath, clawing his way in...resulting in some tears that have grown bigger, and bigger. Note my fine sewing skills to patch them up.

Anyway, we finally said enough is enough and bought new sheets. I decided to buy from Garnet Hill, I've owned several sets of their sheets before. They're good quality and very affordable. I chose Fiesta Percale for the duvet (blue sky) and fitted sheet (white), Signature Hemstitched Percale for the big pillowcases (white), and Everyday Percale for the regular pillowcases (lemongrass). All those items came to only $240 with shipping. Here's some before and after
pictures. The lemongrass color looks more yellow here, it's really more of a citrus green. And that brown quilt is from ABC Home, from a few years ago. And yes, that is Henri...ruling the roost.

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  1. Your cat is a trouble making cutie. I think your bed got a nice upgrade though, I love the blue and yellow combo