Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brooklyn's Heights

Did anyone see Brooklyn Decker on the Today Show this morning? Rude. Every time I think I can't be more jealous of her - she proves me wrong! First, she stole Andy Roddick. Then, she was not only in Elle but styled by Olivia Palermo (who yes, I hate, but still has undeniably great style) and on The City, and now the cover of the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue - not that I would have any interest in doing that, but I mean I wouldn't mind being asked. Anyway, her Elle shoot was amazing - here are some of the photos if you missed it. Not surprising that I'm so into this look - remember how much I love Annie Hall?

It was tough to find good pictures of their wedding because they kept it pretty private, which I like - ahem, Heidi and Spencer. It all took place April 17th in Austin, TX and Decker wore a gorgeous Vera Wang gown.

photos via TMZ

I heard they bought a condo in Brooklyn (obviously) and I'd love to see that because I'm sure it's amazing as well - how could it not be? So for now I'll just wait for her to wow me with her design skills as well, because I'm sure that's next!

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