Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Olde Dutch Cottage Candy

For any of you who live in or frequent the South End I'm sure you've at least walked past the Olde Dutch Cottage Candy store. It's a little shop across the street form the Atelier building on Tremont Street right before Berkeley, and if you've had a similar experience to mine you've never seen it open. So this past Sunday while I was walking down Tremont and saw a light on I decided I had to go in.

Let me tell you, once I walked through the front door I immediately felt like I might never get out - I have NEVER seen so much stuff in one space! Candy and jewelry hanging from the ceiling, countless porcelain and pewter boxes and vases everywhere, more prints than you could count. I mean, there were corners of the store you couldn't even get to!

Since it probably won't be open again for another year I thought I'd share some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about...

All vintage necklaces hanging over the jewelry case, there was stuff hanging from the ceiling all over the store

You can see they did have some nice blue and white porcelain which I always have a weakness for...

...and also lots of cool antique silver and pewter...

...but usually at places like this I expect to find complete steals, not the case! Obviously I don't know the significance of the above framed certificate but it was $4000!!!

I do love this little silver box on the left though, if I ever see it open again I think I'll go get it

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