Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bonjour! Let me introduce myself, my name is Elizabeth and I live in Boston by way of Ohio. Raised for the most part in the Midwest I appreciate a needlepoint Ohio State pillow just as much as the next Buckeye but over the past few years my obsession with all things design has really grown and I decided I needed an outlet for it. That's where Midwest Modern comes in. One thing that I've found through my addiction to blogs and online shopping is that I can't hone down my taste to one genre - which I like to think isn't a bad thing! Anyway, here you'll find my musings on design, fashion, food, culture, and who knows what else so please stay tuned, enjoy, and share you comments I'd love to hear them.


  1. Yeah another Boston blogger!! Welcome to the best community of hot, stylish girls...going from Camilas intro- you fit right in!!!!

  2. Best wishes on the new blog! I'm also a Boston blogger, and I'm so excited there will be another one. I just found you through Camila's blog.

  3. Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm excited to read your musings!