Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Movin' On Up

I must say I laughed out loud when I went to pick up the keys to my new apartment and the key-tag said "Penthouse"...is that what we're calling a 4th floor walk-up these days? I guess so! Well 13 hours, 4 movers, and countless boxes later we're all in. It was seriously like putting a ship in a bottle and letting it expand and now comes the fun part. It's a Boston apartment so it's old, or in real estate terms "has charm" and it definitely needs a little TLC so you're in luck - you just get to read about it while I do the work!

First order of business is painting, here's what my bedroom currently looks like (without furniture) so I'd like some suggestions on paint colors...

Hopefully I'm not crazy and you'll agree with me that you can't tell exactly what color it is. It's like a greyish tannish white? I also am pretty sure the walls are not all the same shade. To give you an idea what it needs to match here's the bedding I currently have.

So what do you think?? My bed is white so I don't want the walls to be too light because then you lose the the bed against them.

Thanks in advance for you help!!


  1. I think a coffee ice cream color would look great!!

  2. I say you go with something in the blue family! But honestly with that bedding almost anything will go in the space. I'm just feeling a pop of blue!

  3. Ohh, I like I like. That bedding is wonderful. I kinda agree that blue would be fun, or that yummy warm yellow tone in the picture...

  4. My bedroom is a soft dark green and the focal wall is striped with the green and a soft medium blue. ( I got the paints at Walmart-they are from the Kilz paint line)
    My bed has a white quilt in the summer and a dark brown quilt in the winter.
    I find that with these colors my room always feels so peaceful.

  5. I love the comforter, where can I get one??

  6. I love the curved window space... my mind is racing with ideas! And your hardwoods are gorgeous! I like the blue color way idea too. Such a lovely blog you have! (I just stumbled on it for the first time today! I'm following!)