Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry for the not so brief hiatus, I guess I took a little un-announced summer vacation! That being said, I realized I hadn't shared a new place I fell absolutely in love with when I went down to Martha's Vineyard to see my parents while they were in town for a wedding. First of all, the Vineyard is one of my favorite places on the planet...specifically Chappaquiddick where our entire extended family has gone on vacation in years past. It's truly what vacation should be - cell phones don't work and the most dressed up I get is probably a t-shirt dress...if that. Here's the view from the house we usually stay in...

This summer though my trip down to the Vineyard was just for one night and I stayed in Edgartown at one of th emost charming hotels I've ever been to - The Charlotte Inn. Even their website is adorable...I love the line on the homepage - "Behind the times on purpose..."Then within the website they have an online brochure that is all illustrations of parts of the hotel from the check in desk to the patio dining.

Once we arrived I was in love. They have every corner of every room perfectly appointed with antique silver hand mirrors, umbrella stands, stacks of leather bound books, vintage telephones, and old bar sets with high-balls and decanters.
Here's my friend Sohee, who I went with, sitting in the "Green Room" while we waited for our room. I was in love with that horseshoe cocktail table.
This was the hallway upstairs outside our room. Don't you just want to live here?
This was in our room which had 2 adorable antique twin beds with summer quilts on them and then those 2 great club chairs.
My parents room had the best little kitchenette with an antique but functioning stove that fit just right with the cabinets and counter tops.

I was lucky my parents let me piggy-back on their trip because usually I'll take an inflatable mattress on the floor of anyone who will have me down to the Vineyard but if you have a change definitely swing by the Charlotte Inn even if it's just for a drink or'll feel like you're in a completely different time.

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