Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Painted Pretty

Were you all waiting with bated breath? I did it! I finally painted my room and love the color...I did end up going with Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart and it came out so well! It's the first time I've painted myself and I must say I did a fine job. The best part was definitely that I think it looks really good with the things I already had in my room. I was looking to go with a little bit of a darker color since my bed is white I wanted it to pop off the wall more than it did in my older apartment where the walls were really light.

The other color I was considering was kind of like a coffee ice cream that I liked a lot but I wasn't wild about how it went with this print (above) which I adore. It's a print of the tall ships coming in to Boston harbor that my mom gave to my dad when they lived here in the seventies....and then I stole it!
Also, totally unplanned it matches this Gretchen Dow Simpson print I have of a bulding in Scranton (where I was born.) The mat on the print is almost th eexact color...I also like how the silver mercury glass lamp looks with the gray.
And my obsession with lucite is proven worthwhile again...because it goes with everything!

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  1. I also love lucite. Once upon a time I passed up a lucite coffee table thrift....and I kick myself over it STILL!