Friday, April 9, 2010

Karen Walker (not that Karen Walker)

Although I do covet her collection of Hermes and tolerance for Gin I am not currently referring to the Karen Walker of Will & Grace but instead the eye wear designer. Fashion is fun and should be treated as such which is a huge reason I love Barney's and Fred Segal...they don't take themselves too seriously. I've noticed Karen Walker's stuff popping up in magazines and I've seen it on a few blogs but I just finally got around to checking out her website and now I'm totally sold!

I mean, her logo was enough to get me excited...

Then once you actually get into her site this amazing pattern scrolls through different styles of her newest line of sunglasses. This is from her 2010 collection...

She also keeps her past collections up on kind of an archive of sites for each year. Here is 2009...

See what I mean about keeping it fun? I've tried a pair on and they are definitely a good quality so I'm thinking I might have to buy myself a pair. They're all pretty much under $200, not to say that's cheap but all the sunglasses I've wanted recently have been north of $300 which is just getting silly. This rain (in Boston) is supposed to clear out tomorrow so some nice weather this weekend might call for a new pair of sunglasses!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Karen Walker! I am going to check out those sunglasses. Feel free to post about the other Karen Walker as well- I love her too!